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Inauguration of Non-formal Education Centre in Bhanwar Singh camp

Growth Foundation of India

Informal Education is a general term used for education outside the standard school setting. Informal Education is a wise, respectful and spontaneous process of cultivating learning. It works through conversation, exploration, and enlargement of experience.

Education is a lifelong process which enables the continuous development of a person’s capabilities as an individual and as a member of society.

Non-formal education is a way of helping societies to be more democratic and to respect human rights. It is a necessary supplement to formal education. Non-formal education is an educational activity which is not structured and takes place outside the formal system.

Growth Foundation of India has been running Non-formal classes in Bhanwar Singh. In this year too we continue to provide informal education to children. GFOI has adopted a school in Ranikhet, Uttarakhand. We all want to see our kids growing towards success which is only possible through good and proper education. Our main reason for choosing informal education is to develop confidence building personality in children, especially in slums.

We believe:

‘Informal education is what remains after one has forgotten everything in school’.

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