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Growth Foundation of India Swachata Abhiyan at various villages and slum areas in New Delhi

Growth Foundation of India launched Swachata Abhiyan on November 15, 2015, at various villages and slum areas across New Delhi. Growth Foundation of India also conducted seminars at Delhi Public School to create awareness and improve children’s attitude towards cleanliness. Growth Foundation of India campaign aims to accomplish the vision of ‘clean India’. Our specific objectives are:

1. Change people’s attitudes to sanitation and create awareness
2. Eliminate open defecation by constructing toilets for households, communities
3. Eradicate manual scavenging
4. Introduce modern and scientific municipal solid waste management practices
5. Enable private sector participation in the sanitation sector

Sweeping up the streets isn’t the only way you can contribute to the Clean India campaign. In fact, you can even do it sitting at home. How? By using a number of techniques like composting and segregation to reduce waste before it is sent to the cities already overflowing dumping grounds. Growth Foundation of India welcomes the volunteers who want to join us in Swachata Abhiyan initiative. To become our helping hand and know more, Click Here… Come Let’s make India more Clean & Green

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