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“Growth Foundation of India” a non-profit organization Registered under Indian trust act 1882 (Certificate No. IN-DL16917256600086L), founded by a group of professional, GFOI operates with the single-minded focusing on empowering rural India. We aim at bringing together the best global practices, corporate thinking, and accountability, the highest standards of corporate governance and transparency is to create a model of sustainable development, which is a benchmark in the industry and can be replicated at scale.

Growth Foundation of India was originated at the time of the major flood in Uttarakhand in 2013, which took lives of thousands of peoples and affected a huge number of population in Uttarakhand. After that incident a group of people (professionals) decided to do something for the people of Uttarakhand by raising donations like clothes, foods and many other basic necessities and helps all the people by also providing basic supply kits.)

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